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Transfer a part of your responsibility to me!

I ensure the readiness for delivery of your products.

I am passionate about resolving bottlenecks and safeguarding your production against future crises.

Production management

All functions that must be embodied in the production management position are covered, including fine control, personnel management, management reviews, and oversight of plant floor operations.


Things can quickly become critical and confusing. To ensure that your customers continue to be supplied, you must act quickly but deliberately now to solve quality problems or a bottleneck in the supply of parts.

Increase productivity

Increasing productivity by eliminating idle time and waste. These are achieved by applying LEAN production tools in KAIZEN workshops.

Crisis communication to the customer

If there is a bottleneck situation in production or in the supply of purchased parts, it is important to agree on reliable delivery quantities with the customer. Readiness must be guaranteed around the clock, which is why reliable, fresh production figures from production are needed.


The production sequence determines the sequence of products in specific batch sizes. It is selected in such a way that the utilization of machines and personnel is uniformly high. This is done as a function of the respective setup effort.Sequencing supports high productivity.

Buffer stocks

Building up buffer and safety stocks compensates for fluctuations in demand and protects the next customer from the loss of production capacity. Even in bottleneck situations, the build-up of these stocks must be started simultaneously to supply the customer.


In bottleneck situations, it may be unavoidable to provide relief by relocating production equipment to associated plants. Coordination must be reliable and fast.

Production system

Is your business fit for current and future requirements?

Will demanding customers soon be part of your portfolio?

Have an Operational Excellence Maturity Level analysis done, which will give you indications of development opportunities, but also of your strengths that need to be built upon.

Training in LEAN methods

If you want to take the next steps toward greater competitiveness, you can't leave out the culture in your company and the way your employees work. LEAN-Production bundles methods that are essential for efficient, effective and sustainable business.