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About me

I work on the pulse of production!

As a production / plant manager or as a manager for the continuous improvement of production processes, I am a doer who acts with deliberate courage.

I have proven myself in task force operations to regain the upper hand in short order during bottlenecks.

I have also played a leading role in assignments of a medium-term nature, such as "turn-around" and "culture change" initiatives, as well as in the onboarding of competitors.

I have in-depth knowledge of operational processes, have the latest process know-how, am familiar with the methods of the digital factory and know the causes and correlations of the economic constraints facing today's companies.

I apply methods from REFA, SixSigma, LEAN production and project management with equal confidence. Agile project management, such as SCRUM/KANBAN, I use to untie "knots" step by step in a complex environment with teams on the shopfloor while maintaining the direction of "True North".

26 years of industry experience, especially as an automotive supplier (TIER 1), give me the confidence and composure to stay on top of a fast volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment (VUCA).

As an interim manager, I quickly and thoroughly familiarize myself with the most diverse fields of action. Personality and positive charisma give me the energy to motivate your team. Discretion, objectivity and the protection of your data are important to me.