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Project successes

A project cross section

OEE / Trouble Shoot

Problem: Low, fluctuating output on complex assembly line with high degree of automation. 17 shifts. Immature concept. Low qualification.

Solution: troubleshooting guide; training; error reporting concept; introduction of KPI: MTBF, MTTR Result: OEE: + 15%, 15 shifts

Result: OEE: + 15%
15 shifts

Remuneration model Premium / Time

Problem: BR does not allow REFA time recording, piecework pay with quality bonus is 129%, output only 106%.

Solution: Changeover to time-based remuneration, introduction of orientation piece numbers.

Result: Output +3%
Q problems and disturbances decreased. BR moved along.

Delivery bottleneck / SCRUM

Problem: Press islands (2) frequent tool breakages, unclear parameterization (setting times of several shifts due to over-determined systems), special runs.

Solution: With SCRUM methodology, fixed teams (no personnel merry-go-round), definition of uniform setting parameters (detent dials can be operated by hand, camera monitoring of critical tools in slow motion), maintenance concept, 5S, TPM tasks delegated.

Result: OEE: +20%
15 shifts, no special transports, proud team with initiative.

Material flow seat back assembly

Problem: Unclear layout, chaotic material flow, unclear responsibilities, workstations not synchronized, staff fluctuation, reordering of components from stock not standardized.

Solution: Workplaces
balanced, layout changeover in one "cast", stable staffing, introduction of standard replenishment (KANBAN)

Result: assembly was completed in a few weeks without any residues, satisfaction among customers and staff.

Stabilize setup times

Problem: Assembly line with strongly varying changeover times cannot be reliably controlled by production planning.

Solution: setup workshop for setup standards, setup time tracking; staff training.

Result: Setup times reduced to 30 min +/- 5 min by setup team and standards.

Further focal points

  • Factory planning, design of presses, bending islands and hydroforming equipment.
  • Staff scheduling, tracking tool to plant capacity.
  • Management Systems IATF 16949, ISO 50001 and ISO14001 introduced.
  • SCRUM / KANBAN established in factory floor as a tool for time-critical improvements.
  • Process benchmark for standard processes further developed.
  • Facility management defined and outsourced.
  • Turnaround measures accompanied at two critical plants.
  • Project controlling of CIP measures managed centrally for 6 European plants.
  • High-performance teams integrated into model work areas of various plants.
  • Onboarding of acquired competitor and synchronization of CIP methodologies.
  • JIT plant management, stabilization, cost reduction and quality initiative (QRQC).
  • Production systems developed and implemented / audited.
  • Relocation of production facilities.
  • Commissioning of complex processes and parameter determination.

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